The Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance

MPSA is the professional student organization for students at the University Of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in Minneapolis and Duluth. This umbrella-type organization was created as an alliance of professional pharmacy associations offering student membership. MPSA offers growth and learning opportunities for student pharmacists by encouraging attendance at professional meetings of state and of national organizations and helps better prepare students for networking with other professionals and for future practice. MPSA also helps advance student pharmacists and our community through education and service opportunities. The student organization has student-run patient care projects that work to better the health of the members of our local communities by providing blood pressure and cholesterol checks, immunizations, information to improve health, and much more.

Our Mission

MPSA is committed to the advancement of our profession & the development of student pharmacists by providing extracurricular opportunities that foster professional engagement.

Our Vision

Every member utilizes MPSA as a way to find their place in pharmacy through personal experiences serving patients and engaging in professional associations. Through these opportunities, members will advance the profession of pharmacy by showcasing our unique skills and abilities to the community and to other healthcare professionals.