Operation OTC Medication Safety is one of many aspiring patient care projects that MPSA members can join to empower patient communities. APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) began the OTC Medication Safety Campaign to address the need for medication literacy in families with children. A branch was established at the College of Pharmacy to teach our neighbors about commonly used OTCs and their potential drug interactions. Our vision is to encourage patients to be more involved with their personal health by understanding the proper usage of OTC medications and the possible adverse drug reactions. Because we are pharmacy students, we are leading advocates for our patients and our profession.

We are excited to grow our scope of care by continuing our participation in health fairs (such as at Little Earth of United Tribes), educating customers at community pharmacies, and improving our educational pamphlets and other patient care resources. We’ve enjoyed working with other MPSA patient care projects, such as GenerationRx and Women’s Health Initiative, to achieve our goals in patient outreach together. We are excited to further our collaboration with GenerationRx and try to participate in high school health & medicine education talks. One strength of the Operation is that we are versatile. If you are looking to implement ideas in OTC-related patient care, see what Operation OTC Medication Safety can do for you to make that happen!

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