As one of the patient-care organizations under MPSA, Smoking Cessation aims to increase public awareness of smoking and the risks associated with constant exposure to nicotine, tobacco, and the many other components found in a single cigarette. The main focus of our project is to help patients to eliminate their dependence on cigarettes and other forms of tobacco.

Our goal is to offer information and resources to patients to assist on their journey to begin a better and healthier life. In addition, this project allows pharmacy students to practice their motivational interviewing skills, as well as provide them with the opportunity to educate their patients that they encounter at the health fairs. Project Smoking Cessation will be at monthly health fairs in the Little Earth community, where an interactive game, motivational interviewing, and educational flyers will be utilized to educate about how to quit smoking. Additionally, we are continuing a campaign against tobacco use and social smoking across campus, with a focus on the incoming undergraduate freshmen. Our hope for this year is to begin monthly presentations at local senior living housing to inform residents of smoking cessation resources.

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