Dedicated to education and research to advance pharmacy practice.

"ACCP is the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and serves as the “professional home” to those practicing clinical pharmacy. What is clinical pharmacy you ask? In short, it is when pharmacists use their unique knowledge of medications to provide patient care. Our student chapter of ACCP is committed to helping students explore the world of clinical pharmacy, as well as to provide useful and relevant educational and networking opportunities within this field.

We put on several events throughout the year to accomplish these goals for our student members. These include clinical career roundtables which allow you to sit down with clinical pharmacists in different areas to learn more about what they do and how they got there. We put on clinical case discussion happy hours where a current pharmacist sits down in an informal setting and discusses clinical cases with a small group and reviews some of the relevant pharmacology and pathophysiology. We also recruit clinical pharmacists to come in and give clinical topic discussions over the lunch hour to our members. Last year, we also implemented a journal club where students lead discussions on recently published pieces of literature to assess its reliability and validity to practice.


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