The mission of Project Poison Control is to educate pharmacy students about toxicology and to educate the public about poison prevention and the poison center as a resource. We accomplish this by bringing in speakers and participating in health fairs and outreach events, and are committed to reaching out to new communities. At health fairs we talk to parents about calling the Poison Center for free advice 24/7 on any potential poison exposure and hand out goodies with the Center’s phone number. Best of all, we play games with kids aimed at teaching medication safety in a fun way. Volunteering is a fun and easy way to learn, talk to patients, and give back to our community. 

We are the newest patient care project, as of Winter 2016. Some things we did in our first year were played games with kids at Little Earth Community Center, brought in a speaker about Drugs of Abuse from A to Z, hosted poison prevention week with daily quizzes and prizes for students, and handed out hundreds of free magnets and toys with poison center resources in the community.

This year our goals are to reach out to new communities and collaborate with other student groups. We have already participated in a new health fair in Minneapolis this summer, and are always looking for new ways to reach out to underserved communities.


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