Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) student chapter at the University of Minnesota offers countless opportunities for students that are interested in learning more about managed care. Managed care pharmacy, in a nutshell, is the practice that designs and implements drug benefits for health insurances plans that impact over 200 million Americans. The focus of managed care is ensuring that patients have access to the most clinically sound, safest, and most cost-effective medications.

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At the University of Minnesota, AMCP is proud to be one of the professional organizations that offers the most events. For the 2016 – 2017 academic year, we started by hosting the 1st AMCP Midwest Regional Conference in fall with over 100 attendees, including students, pharmacists, faculties, and other professionals (event website: https://www.amcpmrc.com/). During fall break, a group of members visited CVS Caremark and Abbvie in Chicago, a major managed care company and a big pharmaceutical company, respectively.

In spring, AMCP started by hosting the local P&T competition, a major managed care-related competition for student pharmacists. A group of first-year students from our school made it to top 8 nationally, and competed against other “Elite 8” groups at the 2017 AMCP Annual Conference. We ended the spring semester with a networking/happy hour event at a local brewery with over 30 pharmacy professionals attending.

Apart from these exciting events, we have a regular bi-weekly meeting featuring different thought leaders from different fields like managed care, industry, consulting, and so on. We also provide 2 – 3 company tours at major managed care companies around Minneapolis like Express Script, Prime Therapeutics, UnitedHealth Group, HealthPartners, and more. Please see our chapter website for more information.

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