Maybe Jerry Jones was criticizing Dak Prescott, after all

Sometimes, there’s a huge difference between reading words and hearing them.

Earlier today, I posted an item based on quotes published by 105.3 The Fan in Dallas from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who made comments about quarterback mobility and, in so doing, made reference to quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, and Tony Romo. The words as reduced to writing didn’t seem to reflect the belief by some that Jones was criticizing Dak.

Then, during PFT PM, I heard the actually comments. The audio made me think otherwise.

Specifically, hearing Jerry’s voice — words, tone, inflection, everything — made me think that Jones was subtly (but definitely) making a point that some mobile quarterbacks are able, after buying time with their feet, to refocus the eyes on the available options and throw the ball to someone who is open. On Sunday, Dak failed to do that after using his feet successfully to extend what became the last offensive play of the game for Dallas, due to an interception thrown by the quarterback.

The words can be heard in the attached video. Make your own decision. Was Jones comparing Dak to other mobile quarterbacks or was Jones suggesting that, unlike some of the best mobile quarterbacks, Dak failed to properly refocus his eyes on the field and make an accurate throw after buying time with his feet and recovering after nearly stumbling and falling?

If it’s the latter, the question then becomes whether the Cowboys truly are as sold as they could or should be on Prescott over the long haul. That’s why it’s important to figure this out — and it’s perhaps important enough that Jones should be asked that question directly the next time he’s on 105.3 The Fan.